Why I Love Alice In Chains

“Say goodbye don’t follow”; “Walkin’ tall machine gun man, they spit on me in my homeland”; “Eat of the apple, so young I’m crawling back to start”; “What makes you want to carve your initials in me?”;

Just some of the many great songs by this absolutely innovative band. Now I love a lot of bands and if anyone has noticed I am obviously a big fan of Black Sabbath, DIO, and those types of bands. But I also love bands that really speak to you and understand the struggles of living in a society permeated by hate, bullying, not understanding who you are, etc..

When I think of Alice In Chains I think of college kids, good vibes, and peace. Even though there music speaks of tragedy, hopelessness and otherwise dark times I find tranquility in it.

It seems if I am having a bad or off day and AIC comes on the radio, it throws me out of my sadness and into a realm of nirvana.

The first time I saw Alice In Chains was when the toured with Velvet Revolver as their opening act. It was at Darien Lake Theme park in Darien, NY. When I had saw them this was when they had just released “Black Gives Way To Blue” and they rocked it! I remember being amazed by how much William DuVall sounded like Layne Staley. They sounded amazing and would love to see them live again!

Their music composition is relatively easy to play and understand. Learning the fundamentals of music theory and some guitar chords helps understand how they write and play their music. The rhythm makes them unique in that there is no other sound out there quite like them.

Eb minor, distortion, power chords and more adorn the deep, darkness of this music.

Here is my cover of Rooster, one of my personal favorites.

Mike Starr, RIP, was a phenomenal bass player. Having memorable bass intros in songs, such as, “Would?”, “Angry Chair”, “Rotten Apple” and memorable surely make the music stand out with memorable moving blues and minor basslines. Their current bass player, Mike Inez, having memorable bass lines for “Stone”, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”, and much more.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you love about Alice In Chains!

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