Two-Handed Tapping: Diamond Tapping Lesson 1

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Today I bring you a really cool two-handed tapping technique. Diamond tapping is an exercise that I use for two-handed tapping because it can be practiced slow or fast and it sounds cool. The name comes from the shape that is made when you tap the notes, a diamond!

This lesson does not feature any two-handed tapping instructions so if you are new to bass and/or tapping there are many resources out there to help you learn the technique. If you would like me to make a video on tapping let me know in the comments below!

Two-handed is a hard technique that will take practice and time for you to become at. This exercise will help get you closer to mastering the technique of two-handed tapping.

This exercise I call a distorted minor 7th because the exercises utilizes the fingerings of the minor 7th chord as arpeggios but with the 5th and 7th notes switched. The order of the notes would be root – 3rd – 7th – 5th – octave.

In the next lesson I will be showing you exercises up and down the fretboard utilizing this technique!

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