Tom Sawyer – Rush (Bass Play Through)

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I worked hard on putting together a fun play through of Tom Sawyer by Rush. I feel like Rush is very underrated and should be talked about more especially in the bass world. Geddy Lee is a hell of a bass player, vocalist, and keyboardist. This song shows off these three skills in a very iconic song.

Below is a detailed play through of the song. 

  • 87 BPM
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Key Signature: A Major
  • I am playing this song in standard tuning.

Intro (Verse 1)

*The dotted notes indicate that the note length is increased by half the note value. For example, a quarter note with a dot next to it will be played 1.5 times since a quarter note is 1 beat and half of that is 0.5.

Bridge 1

Chorus 1

Bridge 2

Interlude 1

Interlude 2a

Interlude 2aa

Interlude 3

Interlude 4

Bridge 3

Verse 1 (slight variation)

Bridge 1
Chorus 1
Bridge 2
Interlude 1 (~7-9x)

Full PDF available here!

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