Spooky Bass Exercises!

spooky bass exercises

What’s going on basschicks and bassdudes!

I discovered this cool little bass exercise by accident. It is a lot of fun to just noddle around.

It has a similar sound to the spider walk technique. It also sounds similar to the Halloween theme song.

There are different ways that you can play these exercises to suit your playing needs.

What I would suggest is to play these exercises chromatically per measure. This means at the beginning of each measure you will be playing the next note in a chromatic scale type of pattern. It will make more sense in exercises 2, 3, and 4.

How to Add More to Each of These Exercises:

• Play different rhythm patterns (ex. 3 – triplets); this can be done as triplets 8th-16th note runs (8th – 8th – 16th – 16th – 16th)

• Play each note a certain number of times (ex. play the first note of the measure 4 times followed by the next note four times, etc.)

Major Scales used: F# Major (F# Ionian); E Major (E Ionian); D Major (D Ionian); C Major (C Ionian)

Major Scales used: D Major (D Ionian); Db Major (Db Ionian); C Major (C Ionian); B Major (B Ionian); Bb Major (Bb Ionian); A Major (A Ionian); Ab Major (Ab Ionian); G Major (G Ionian); Gb Major (Gb Ionian); F Major (F Ionian)

Major scales used are the same as exercise 2

Same as exercises 2 and 3

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