Power Chords: The Easiest Chord to Learn

Power chords are quite possibly the easiest chord to learn and play. They are also used throughout so many popular songs in rock music. 

They are a three note chord composed of the root, fifth and octave. That’s it! You can incorporate these easily as arpeggios throughout a lot of songs. 

The power chords above are important to play both as chords and arpeggios. As bass players, we are going to be playing these most of the time as arpeggios.

These chords are not specific to any major or minor scale.  


All of the songs below, I have the power chords listed out in standard tuning.

Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf

Power Chords: A5 – D5 – C♯5 – C♮5 / A5 – G5 – C5 – E5 – A5

Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
Power Chords: G5 – Bb5 – C5 – G5 – Bb5 – Db5 – C5 / G5 – Bb5 – C5 – Bb5 – G5

Dio – Holy Diver

Power Chords: C5 – D5 – Eb5 / C5 – D5 – Eb – Bb5

Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Power Chords: E5 – A5 – C#5 – B5 – E5 – A5 – C#5 – B5 – A5 – B5

The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

Power Chords: B5 – F#5 – A5 – B5 – B5 – E5 – D5

Scorpions – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Power Chords: E5 – G5 – A5 – C5 – D5

ZZ Top – La Grange

Power Chords: A5 – C5 – D5 / C5 – Eb5 – F5

What is your favorite power chord? Mine is definitely Holy Diver! Let me know in the comments below!

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