Musicians’ Gift Guide for the Holidays

The holidays can be the most stressful and busy time of year. Sometimes finding that perfect gift can be challenging.
In this video I will be giving you some tips for what to get the special musician (or musicians) in your life!
Musicians’ Gift Guide for the Holidays
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Strings are extremely important for anyone that plays a stringed instrument!
We need to maintain that beautiful, harmonic sound that comes out. It can be quite daunting to try and figure what kind of strings to buy.
You may see light strings, acoustic strings, medium gauge, etc..
Unsure of what strings to purchase?

Read this informative article, “Do the Right String: 10 Tips for Choosing Guitar Strings.”
You can use this article as a guide for helping you choose the right strings for not only guitars but other instruments as well.
My String Choices: D’Addario, Fender & Ernie Ball

GHS Fast Fret String Cleaner & Lubricant

This guitar string cleaner and lubricant is great as a stocking stuffer or a small little treat to give with another gift for the musician in your life.
This is very inexpensive gift for one costing at around $10 or less.
This product properly cleans and lubricates the guitar strings making it sound brand new.
Not sure about purchasing this product? Check out my YouTube video describing and demonstrating the product here.


If you want to splurge on that special musician in your life then buying a pedal is a great gift. No matter what genre of music your musician plays having effects and pedals are essential to achieving a unique and diverse sound.

The musician I want to buy for plays different genres of music what do I do???
No worries! You can always purchase a multi-effects pedal. These pedals are a smart choice. There are generally so many different types of sounds built in that it will not take long for your musician to write unique and interesting music.
Another cool buy is the CryBaby Wah Wah Pedal. This pedal along with any other effects or just the instrument will create a cool sound for any genre.
With pedals make sure you know what type of instrument you are buying as that it is very important for the right sound to come out.

Recommendations:Crybaby Wah-Wah Pedal, Big Muff Bass Pedal, Digitech BP 80

Starter Kits

Usually around this time of year we reflect on things that we have done and want to accomplish in the future. One of those reflections could be to start playing an instrument.
Starter kits are great option for this reason!
Music stores by brick-&-mortar and online will have affordable deals on starter kits. This is a great place to start.
My first bass starter kit came at Christmas time. My starter kit came from a local music shop and included electric bass guitar, an amplifier, cable, strap, instructional DVD and book as well as a tuner and gig bag

Gift Cards

If you have no idea or a completely overwhelmed buy everything I’ve listed simple things can buy the gift card nowadays most people buy gift cards and gift certificates because they’re not entirely sure what that person wants these are perfect gifts

This will motivate them and encourage them to keep playing. Which can in turn create a powerful and lasting impact on their life.
This is the time of year to give back to others let’s take a step back and look at what’s important in this world and that’s helping each other out and giving back.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!
God bless!

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Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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