Man In The Box – Alice In Chains (Bass Play Through)

What’s going on everyone! This is my second play through video and one that I made bravely live on my YouTube channel.

I absolutely love this song because of its simplicity, rhythmic pattern and bad-assery. This song is played in the key of A♭ Major at 107 BPM.

Introduction/Major Verse

We start on the 5th of the A♭ Major scale which is E♭ and this remains throughout the song. The intro is also our main verse throughout the song so it is easy to remember. Now I slapped the notes but you can certainly play them picked or with your fingers; whichever you would prefer.

This part will be played 6 times total.


We start on D which is the Perfect 4th in our A♭ Major scale. We are transitioning between two Major Intervals each time we change progressions. For example, we are moving from D♭ to E♭  (Major 2nd) to G♭ to A♭ (Major 2nd), etc. There are a couple of accidentals (G♭, F♭, and B♮) in the song as well.


This part of the song I decided to make it more than just a simple 3 note melody. I really wanted to make sure that you could hear how amazingly the chords are throughout this part.

We are playing an Eb minor scale in this part. The natural eb minor scale is as follows:
Eb – F – Gb – Ab – Bb – Cb – Db – Eb

Eb Minor Run for this part: Eb – F – Gb – F – Db – C – Bb – Ab – Gb – F

Of course make it your own and play within those perimeters for an awesome melody!

With all of these in mind here is the rundown of the rest of the song:

Verse 1 (4 times)


Verse 2



Verse 2

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Verse 1

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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