Learning The Bass

The bass guitar is an underrated, versatile instrument that you can create so many amazing sounds with. Artists, such as, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, Les Claypool,Larry Graham, and many more have revolutionized the bass guitar.

Learn how to play the bass with the following lessons below and let me know in the comments anything about the bass you want to learn about!

Bassline Creation Part 1: Getting The Basics Down

Creating Amazing Basslines and Progressions With Modes – Bass Musician Magazine

Melodic and Harmonic Minor Scale – Bass Musician Magazine

Natural Minor Scale Bass Lesson – Bass Musician Magazine

Parallel Keys – Bass Musician Magazine

Power Chord Examples

Power Chords

Power Chords For Bass – Bass Musician Magazine

Slap Pop With Hammer On Demo

The Minor Pentatonic Scale for Bass – Bass Musician Magazine

The Relative Keys for Bass – Bass Musician Magazine

Using Tablature To Your Advantage – Bass Musician Magazine

What Are Power Chords?

Mastering the Bass Guitar Fretboard

5 Tips for Perfecting your Slap/Pop Technique

#1 Exercise You Must Do To Learn Your Fretboard

Three Important Chords EVERY Bass Player Should Know!

Why You Should Be Playing with All 4 Fingers!

Playing with Octaves (Examples Included)

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