Hello Basschicks and Bassdudes!

I have been waiting a long time to announce this but I have written and published my first book!

I still can’t believe that the book is live on Amazon right now! This book is very special to me because I pured my blood, sweat and tears into creating it. There were many long nights (3 a.m. bedtimes) and nights in used to create an amazing and comprehensive guide.

The “No-Nonsense Guide to Music Theory, Scales and More” is your complete guide to learning music theory in an easy to understand way.

This book is perfect for the absolute beginner who has no music knowledge to the complete advanced who needs to freshen up.

With over 100 pages, I have included practice with answers, tips to remember each section, examples, FREE scale guides and more!

Thanks again to all of my family, friends and Raul and Valery at Bass Musician Magazine for believing in me.
Have a great day!

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