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  • Create Basslines Episode 4 – Part 2: Tapping

    In the previous techniques lesson, I talked about incorporating slap/pop technique into your basslines. In this episode, we are going to be discussing how you can use tapping in your basslines. WHAT IS TAPPING? Tapping is a technique where you are using both your picking (or plucking) and fretted fingers to play a note. This […]


  • Create Basslines Episode 4 – Part 1: Slap/Pop Technique

    In the last episode of this series, we are going to talk about using different techniques to create basslines. I was going to make one big article and video with a bunch of techniques but realized that dedicating multiple articles with one or two types of techniques made more sense. In the first part of […]


  • Dirty Deeds by Joan Jett (Bass Cover)

    If you’re havin’ trouble with the high school headHe’s givin’ you the bluesYou wanna graduate but not in his bedHere’s what you gotta doPick up the phoneI’m always homeCall me anytimeJust ring three-six-two-four, three-five-ohI lead a life of crime Dirty deeds done dirt cheapDirty deeds done dirt cheapDirty deeds done dirt cheapDirty deeds and they’re […]


  • spooky bass exercises

    Spooky Bass Exercises!

    What’s going on basschicks and bassdudes! I discovered this cool little bass exercise by accident. It is a lot of fun to just noddle around. It has a similar sound to the spider walk technique. It also sounds similar to the Halloween theme song. There are different ways that you can play these exercises to […]


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  • Creating Basslines Episode 3: Chords!

    In Episode 3 of this series, I wanted to take a quick look at chords. They are really important to learn so that you can add them to any song, know the structure of how some chords are laid out and have fun playing chords as a bassist! Here are my top chords that you […]


  • Create Basslines Episode 2: Scales!

    One of the reasons I love playing bass is because of how versatile and funky you can get with it. But one misconception that I think people get wrong with bass is that it’s a boring instrument. Playing the root is very important but it does not have to be the only thing you play. […]


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