H.F.B.C Black 3-Pack Wall Mount Hanger for Guitar, Bass, Uklele, Mandolin, Violin, Cello, etc.


About Me

Hi, I’m holly, founder of h.f.b.c

My website is full of everything bass! From bass covers and original songs to music theory, bass tutorials and more!


  • Heaven and Hell – Black Sabbath (Bass Cover)

    Sing me a song, you’re a singerDo me a wrong, you’re a bringer of evilThe Devil is never a makerThe less that you give, you’re a taker So, it’s on and on and onIt’s Heaven and HellOh, well, yeah The lover of life’s not a sinnerThe ending is just a beginnin’The closer you get to…


  • Settle for Nothing – Rage Against the Machine (Bass Cover)

    A jail cell is freedom from the pain in my homeHatred passed on, passed on and passed onA world of violent rage but it’s one that I can recognizeHaving never seen the color of my father’s eyesYes, I dwell in hell but it’s a hell that I can gripI tried to grip my family but…


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