Halloween Theme Song – Bass Play Through

What’s going on bass chicks and bass dudes!

The Halloween movie franchise is my favorite of all time! I have definitely wanted to learn the theme song for a very long time. I became inspired to after I taught myself to play Outside by Staind as a solo bass song.

This gave me the confidence to try to learn this theme and I will say it has been a lot of fun!

Lots of practice and persistence are what made this possible.

Always enjoy the process of playing and learning new things rather than dreading it. If you are dreading learning a new song or technique, take some time away from it and come back when you are ready.

I am going to break part by part the theory behind the arpeggios. The chords are more there for fun and as a guide if you are looking to learn both parts.

Music Theory

This original song is played in 5/4 with 136 BPM in the key of E Major. I have broken down the song into various parts to make it easier to read and understand. If you would like to learn how to read music better, make sure to check out my book “No-Nonsense Guide to Music Theory, Scales, and More“.

You will learn how to read sheet music, common musical terms, different scales, and much more!


The main progressions of the song are in a Perfect Fourth which you will see throughout the song. This just means that the two main notes in a part are four intervals apart.


Each part will be laid out this way to make it easier as we transition through the song. We are starting off measures 1 through 6 with a C# – F# arpeggio progression with an accidental on the 5th beat of the measure (D♮).

The 8th time these notes are played the chords come in. The chords throughout the song are power chords.

Once the chords come in, we play the C# – F# progression two more times before moving onto the C♮ to E# (F♮) progression. This is played two times before repeating the C# – F# progression twice and C♮ measure two times.


We are moving to the B♮ – E♮ progression which gets played two times before we go to the A# – D# progression that is played two times. We repeat these progressions for another round.

Part 2

We are playing the very orchestral theme here except without so much of a climax as in the original. We are basically playing the same measure over and over again 9 times. The chords are basically in the key of b minor.

We are playing the song again except with some changes in how many times certain parts get played. Other than that the song is the same.


The same as the beginning. I calculated the ending to be about 8 measures more or less.

Halloween Theme Song on Bass Guitar Full Composition

I hope you enjoyed this fun play through of the Halloween theme song. This can be a great song to learn and play at a Halloween party or casually just for fun!

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