Gauges – Strings 101


Here is the third and final part to the Strings 101 series. In case you missed the first two lessons they are here:

Gauges on your bass refer to the thickness and diameter of the strings measured in inches. So the numbers that you see on the packaging for your bass strings, those are your gauges.  They indicate how thick the string is going to be and if it is the right type for your playing.

They are categorized as extra light, light, medium and heavy gauges. Packs come with a mix of two gauges usually. You can also order strings individually to give yourself the same gauge as well.

The heavier the gauge, the thicker the string and the mellower the tone will be. The lower the gauge is the brighter the tone is going to be and the thickness is decreased.

To find a complete guide on specific gauge numbers download my free guide here.

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