D’Addario Pro Steels Strings Review

Hello Basschicks and Bassdudes!

I’m coming at you with a new product review today. It has been awhile since I’ve done one and I wanted to do a string review. My dad actually got me the D’Addario Pro Steels Strings for a 4 string bass. I will do another review with a 5 string set so for this one we are just focusing on the 4 strings (G-D-A-E).

These strings are roundwound with a nice bright tone coming out. There are medium and heavy gauges in the packaging:

G (50: heavy) – D (70: heavy) – A (85: medium) – E (105: medium)

These are also for long-scale basses so my 5 string Ibanez was a perfect match!

There were a lot of things that I liked about these strings. They are priced pretty much like any other roundwound, 4 string bass pack so the price was good. The bright sound really made for that signature bass tone that I love. I could really hear and feel the brightness of the strings when playing.

They were easy to install onto my bass. The fact that they are long scale made it easy to pick the right point to remove the rest of the string before winding.

The thickness of the string allows bring comfort in knowing that it won’t break easily.

Due to the thickness of the strings, it was a bit more difficult to do more advanced techniques (a.k.a. tapping!). After playing the strings for a bit, the tapping did become a little bit easier.

Would I buy these strings again? Yes! I loved the tone, sound and comfort that the strings provided.

Hope you enjoyed let me know any products that you would like me to review in the comments!

See you again soon!

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