Broke Musicians’ Guide : Tuners

Episode 1 : Tuners

This is the first episode in the series, “Broke Musicians Guide”. In this series I will be giving some tips and tactics that you can use to implement cost efficient ways for your music playing. As musicians we are broke and have bills and other things to pay so sometimes when a string breaks or our tuner is out of commission we have to think of creative ways to get our playing across.

In this episode I will be giving you three cost effective ways to tune your instrument without a tuner.

Tip #1: Ear Training Using Harmonics!

There are some of you out there who have amazing ears and can easily decipher what notes you are playing. That is a great skill to have and utilize. I do not have the abilities as of yet to implement this technique to my individual playing. So if you are not an aficionado at tuning your instrument by ear then move on to tip number 2.

Tip #2: Use the internet!

The internet has so many cost effective ways to save you money and not buy a tuner. Here are some guitar & bass guitar sites that I have found that offer free tuning:

If you just type into your search engine “Free online bass tuner” or “guitar tuner online” a plethora of sites will show up. These are just a few that I found.

You can also use your mobile phone apps for downloading tuners on to. Here are some free apps that I have found on my phone:

Tip #3: Use your Amplifier!

If your amplifier has a built in tuner that is a great way to tune your instrument. I have the Peavey Max 158 Bass Amp that allows for me to properly tune my bass right in the amp if I am at a gig and do not have a tuner or are too lazy to grab mine.

I hope that these tips help you in your journey as a broke musician to finding peace and harmony. Look out for episode 2!


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