Bass line Creation Part 1: Getting The Basics Down

Creating your first bassline is exciting yet a little intimidating. You want to make sure that you are in sync with the other instruments in the group. But before delving into creating your first bassline let’s talk about a few things:
Fretboard Basics
Navigating your fretboard and understanding where your note equivalents are throughout the board will help create dynamic, unique pitches when playing.

Check out “Mastering The Bass Guitar Fretboard”:

Learning Your Scales:
The major and minor scales are the fundamentals to learning all types of music. They are the the bread and butter to learning becoming a better musician.

Minor Scale:
Major Scale:
Major Pentatonic Scale:

Jam to Your Favorite Songs: We all have songs that we want to learn how to play. Why not start that now? There’s no better time to understand your bass then with listening and playing your favorite songs. Pick a couple of songs that you want to learn and listen to each instrument individually. You can close your eyes and really focus on the speed, rhythm, and tenacity that each instrument brings to the song.

This is just the beginning of creating a dynamic bassline to rock with. In the next part, we are going to break down the barriers of bassline creation essentials to get you on your way to creating a rocking bassline.

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