7 Tips To Reduce Anxiety – Coffeetalk with Basschick Episode 2

Anxiety for some people can happen when a big event is coming up, such as, an exam, wedding, interview, anything of those sorts. For others, such as myself, anxiety is a regular occurrence. I don’t think I’ve had one anxiety free day in my life. That doesn’t mean that I walk around looking like a ball of stress all day but even the smallest of things, dirty dishes in the sink, can cause me to have a bit of anxiety.

1) Create a Routine

2) Get Enough Sleep!

3) Positive Thinking

4) Prayer

5a) Fuel Your Mind and Body with Whole Foods

5b) Exercise

6) Do An Activity That You Enjoy Doing

7) Know You Are Enough & Have Positive Thoughts

What are some things that you do to reduce anxiety?


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