4 Tips For Being in a Band

Olivia Shaw (2).jpgTip #1 – Interact with Your Band Mates

This may sound like a no-brainer but honestly it is so important to develop a bond with your band mates. When you interact and talk about your day, personal life, musical influences, etc. you will be feel more comfortable around them. I am a naturally shy person so I definitely understand it being hard to talk and open up to others. But my current band mates I am the closest to in my life besides my family! That says a lot about they treat me, open up and interact with each other.

If you are forming a newer band and you all don’t know each other, don’t force conversation. Just let it come naturally and honestly music is always a great conversation starter!

Tip #2 – Practice!

After interacting and hanging out with your band mates, practice is a very important aspect of being successful in a band. If there are songs recorded practice them! If there aren’t, during practice really listen and pay attention what is being played and write down the verses.

If there are parts of a song that you are not grasping, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Have them break the part note by note or measure by measure. You should never feel  bad for asking to hear a part again or have a breakdown.

Tip #3 – Communication

This one goes back to interacting with your band mates. Communication is such a huge part of being successful in a band. If you have a cool part that you came up with that would go with a song you all are writing let them know! You are a part of the writing process just as much as they are.

Tip #4 – Musical Influences and How They Relate to the Band’s Writing

Musical influences are huge when writing music. You tend to write more towards what music you like. Find out what your band mates like and from there explore the type of music they like. From there, you can piece together certain sounds that come into play when listening to similar artists.

Let me know what your tips are in the comments below! 🙂

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