Create Basslines Episode 4 Part 3: Strumming!

What is going on basschicks and bassdudes!

We are in the final part and episode of the Creating Basslines series! Thanks for sticking around and hopefully you have gotten a lot out of this.

Now there are other techniques out there that I have not mentioned in this series so do not feel as if these are the only ones. I feel that slap/pop, tapping, and strumming are the most important because these techniques are a bit easier to incorporate into your playing.

In this final part, we are going to talk about a fun technique called strumming.

Strumming is essentially a technique that you are using your fingers or pick to play the strings in an up and down motion. A lot of times strumming is used when playing chords but can also be played as arpeggios.


You can make strumming your own by using your pick and/or fingers.

Finger Strumming

Using your fingers to create an up and down motion.

Pick Strumming

Using a pick to create an up and down motion.

Double Thumping: This technique was made famous by Victor Wooten. You take your thumb and do an up and down motion across your strings with your plucking or picking hand.


There are many songs throughout many types of music that utilize this technique. Here are a few for you to check out:

Creating Basslines Series:

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