Scale Types – Strings 101

In part two of my the Strings 101 series, we are going to talk about the differences between long, medium, and short scale basses.

The way that the scale lengths are measured is from the neck down to the bridge. Measuring the length from those two points will give you an indication as to which type of scale length and string type. I’m just going to briefly explain what each type is.

Long Scale Basses
Long scale basses are generally 34″ and above with extra long scale basses being between 35-36″ long.

Medium Scale Basses
Medium scale basses tend to be between 31″ – 33″ in length.

Short Scale Basses
These types of basses are usually under 31″.

The longer your scale length, the further the notes are going to be apart on your bass. I believe that it doesn’t matter what scale type you get as long as you know that you are going to play it and are able to get used to it.

A short scale bass is a great option for a child or someone with smaller hands (such as myself), but this does not mean that a long scale bass is out of the question.

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