Practice Makes Perfect?

I am a firm believer that practice really helps with your playing and learning your instrument up and front to back.

But when it comes to practice it’s really about utilizing the time that you have efficiently.

Having two days a week off (Saturday and Sunday) helps me to get additional practice then I could during the week. But if I have a lot going on over the weekend plus the work week this can cause an issue in terms of my playing schedule.

In order to maximize your playing time, come up with a schedule. This can include exercises that you’re going to be practicing, any songs that you need to learn or work on as well as any additional techniques,scales or anything else that you need to improve upon.

This is just one of many ways to maximize your playing time and depending on your schedule that will also have an impact on how often you’re practicing.

I hope that this helped you I hope the video gives a little bit more insight into practicing am really how it can help you.




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